Friday, September 18, 2009

YEA MY NEW HOUSE!!!! no it is not a "mud-hut" or in the middle of nowhere. I will be living in Nungua, which is outside of Accra (the capital) on the beach, and is a chill area. My host family is the Abbey family, Mom, two sons and grandson all live in the house. I'll share a room with a girl in her twenties from Australia (yea another ex-pat!!); the room provides me with a double bed equipped with mosquito netting, wardrobe and A FAN! Can't wait till Wednesday when I actually get to see it, or reality Thursday, since the flight is 22 hours.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The count-down has officially begun, exactly 2 weeks before it's time to sit on the tarmac at JFK Airport to go to Ghana. Teaching English and art for the next 6 month is going to be the coolest and most random thing I have done (or at least done in awhile). Sometimes we just have to take a chance and do something that may be a bit scary; taking these "risks" are often what make us stronger, smarter, and overall better people.