Monday, December 28, 2009

Continued from the 24th....

So Kokobrite... robbed and moved campsites, to the left is a picture of the "new" place, didn't think it would be good to include the other one. So basically it was camping on the beach and utter ridiculous! We ate coconuts, which we cut open with machetes, and Nora taught a Ghanaian how to floss while Asante taught Nora and me how to brush our teeth with a twig (pictures below or maybe to the side!) There is not much to report about this adventure but the pictures serve as the best way to explain.

So I guess I will skip the funeral stuff -- rather depressing, if you want to see the pictures and hear about it I am more than happy to do so when I get back. So now I think we are "up to date" and in the "present."

Christmas is rather different here. Since there is not as much money in Ghana as in the U.S. Christmas is not as commercialized here - no lights, gifts are VERY VERY rare (ok non-existent really)., obviously no snow, didn't hear songs on the radio, no Santas anywhere, no movies (Christmas Story, White Christmas, Babes in Toyland, Christmas Carol, etc), it was rather sad and made me homesick. Ironic being Jewish and MISSING Christmas!

I must be honest everyone... I have strep throat and am cutting this blog entry short as I still have a fever, it's down from 101.8 (yesterday) and is only in the 100's but I must go back to bed. I am going to try my very best to update this blog on the regular now so be excited. Till I am feeling better... Dokodoko (that's duck in Ga - and a big joke with a video to go with)


  1. Wow, I am so proud of my "little" cousin -- You've definitly out adventured Rob and I!

    Feel better and enjoy your the rest of your time in Africa.


    Dave, Lina, Jacob and Isabela

    PS - We hope you can come on down to NC when you get back.

  2. Hope you're having a great start to the new year and that you are feeling better.

    love seeing a recent post.